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The business lesson behind my Disney experiences!

At this time every year, I start to dream about trips to Disney World. After coming out of a pandemic (fingers crossed!) and a cold winter, the thought of spending time at one of my favorite places can be heartwarming and refreshing. I LOVE amusement parks and especially Disney! The truth is, I have been going to Disney World since it was just the Magic Kingdom. What is it that keeps me going back after all these years? The accommodations? The old and new attractions? The fun or food?

In all honesty, one of the biggest reasons I love Disney is the attention and focus on MY experience. From those early days to today, I have yet to enter a Disney park or resort without someone asking a few questions about where I am from, how long I am staying and if I have any comments or suggestions for them. That has impressed me so much over the years and as time goes by, I see some of my suggestions coming into existence. Now, did I single-handedly change the Disney company’s philosophy and direction? Of course not, but the point is that they asked for my opinion and I gave it. Then over time as others made suggestions, changes were made to make all our experiences even better. When I go to the parks, I pay special attention to the intricate details. Someone’s job is to decide which leaf imprint patterns will be in the walkway at Animal Kingdom and to make a brand-new bridge look hundreds of years old. Someone’s job is to design a queue line that entertains me with hidden Mickey icons or interactive games while I wait. Someone’s job is to be listening and thinking years ahead to what customers will want to experience and set in motion the steps to get there.

It's no surprise then that my measure for excellence in customer service is the Walt Disney Company. Although we do not all have the financial resources to do what Disney does, what we do have is the opportunity to treat our customers with our genuine full attention, evaluate our interactions honestly and continually find ways to improve the experience.

Did You Know:

According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, a dissatisfied customer tells between 9 to 15 people about their poor experience. And, nearly 13 percent of those dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people. It is worth the investment of time to get it right!

We love to help businesses take a closer look at their customer service practices. What would your office (or even home) be like if every interaction is a positive one? If everyone in the organization were on the same page and focused, how much growth could you attain? We offer customer service workshops for you and your team to look at some key strategies to stay on the right track. Just email me for details at


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