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Are We There Yet?

As a little girl in West Virginia, I would always sleep in the car even on the way to church because I loved just falling asleep, then waking up and being somewhere different! And to this day I usually fall asleep on an airplane before we take off. Now, I can look at that two ways: (1) the time flies by and I don’t have to wait to arrive at my destination, or (2) I miss the whole journey because I chose to sleep. How many times in business or personal life do we just want to get to that destination and not appreciate the lessons from the journey. I love the expression, “Experience give us the tests first and lessons later.”

One of my favorite authors is John Maxwell and I’ve read most of his books (several times!). In his book Leadership Gold, he talks about keeping your mind on the main thing. Over time, we can get pulled in many directions and inadvertently lose sight of the “main thing”. What is it that you want your business or personal life to accomplish while you’re on this planet? Is it recognition, is it to leave a legacy, is it to make a lot of money? Whatever it is, focus is the key and keeping that vision on the horizon is essential. Then, all day-to-day tasks can be looked at through that lens. It’s refreshing to not have to know everything and do everything, AND as John Maxwell says, “Do what only you can do” and hire the rest!

We’re constantly going through different seasons of life. In my 20’s my goals and view of the world were very different than it is today. But my experience through the decades and my willingness to be a constant “learner” has blessed me with many business and life lessons. Covid gave us a gift of sorts. Time to slow down, to think, to understand that life throws us curves at any moment and yet we can still accomplish our goals, maybe not in the same way we originally imagined but in new ways.

What is holding you back from accomplishing your goals? If you could add 5-10 hours to your week (please don’t in the interest of work/life balance) that is focused solely on one task that can move you toward your goals what would it be? Contact us about taking those 10 hours and helping you move towards meeting another goal while you do what only you can do!


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