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Linda Gilgore


With decades of customer service experience and administrative experience, Linda Gilgore is a natural “finisher” and has a knack for thinking outside of the box in order to save her clients money. Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, Linda has been able to help her clients with flexibility and help them pivot their business structure when needed.

Linda is highly customer service oriented and consistently delivers completion on (and often before) a deadline. She enjoys looking at a business from a birds-eye view to determine how to help accomplish company goals within or under budget. Linda’s experience is vast, and she has worked in a variety of roles in small business, alternative medicine, nonprofit, and traditional medicine.

When she’s not deep into a project, Linda enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering, flying to Disney World, and gardening organically. She’s also a health and wellness advocate who is a passionate presenter.

Integrity Admin Support Owner Linda Gilg
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